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Create your professional logo
in just a few minutes

Easy Fast Affordable

Download small-size logo for free and full-size logo from 4.90 $

Turn into a graphic-designer and realize your new logo to your own liking with ultimate ease and free to choose from hundreds of original symbols and different fonts.
It only takes a few minutes to have a beautiful logo for your business.

The "Full-Size" Package contains:
SVG files (for print and editing)
High resolution PNG files
PNG files (transparent background)
Font files
Full copyright ownership

Lots users have created the logo of their business with LogoOkay.
Here are some examples! And what are you waiting for?

Create now Your Logo

The importance of the logo for a company

There is no perfect mark, but only a suitable label to what we want to tell. A logo can not, however, apart from some key features like:

The symbol or shape that represents it must describe the concepts of the brand, be recognizable, easy to remember with a high-impact design and easy to store.
LogoOkay makes available hundreds of subjects, divided into categories, to use the editor to create very easily your new company logo.

It must take, long life, evoking the brand's values ​​and try to arise emotions.

It may seem unimportant and interesting but consistency makes the brand more recognizable.

Color is a key factor in the brand. Choosing the right color can inextricably determine its perception in the market and its success. In the editor of LogoOkay easily enter the naming of your company characterizing, through dozens of fonts, with the most relevant and harmonizing it with the right color.

Important element of the brand positioning. And 'the slogan, written. If well done has to hit, stay in people's heads.
Logookay in his editor has the ability to insert also a pay-off also caratterizabile for fonts and color.

The mark in three words: simplicity, functionality, consistency.

The logo must have a shape that fits well in different contexts, from the positioning of a window, the image of the page facebook profile. It must be conceived from the start in the vector so that it can be flexibly resizable without losing resolution, LogoOkay provides in the "full-size" download the logo created with vector files ready for print.
It must be recognizable and consistent with its target audience, easy to read, transcription and publication on different media.

Create now Your Logo

See our tutorials and discover how easy it is to create a professional logo and ready for printing with LogoOkay

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